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My name is Paul Sparks, I am British and I have now returned to live in  England after spending over 4 years in China working as an English teacher! I taught in China from September 2001 to July 2005, working in two different cities: Xiangtan and Nanning. At first I taught at Xiangtan Normal University in Hunan, then at Xiangtan University also in Hunan. My third year was at Sino-Canadian International College (SCIC) part of Guangxi University in Nanning and my last year I returned to Xiangtan to teach at Hunan University of Science and Technology - Read more about me

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Resources For Students and Teachers in China (ESL/EFL)

I developed this website whilst teaching English in China. Over the years this site has grown and now includes many resources for students and teachers, including many of my free lesson plans. I have also added many travel photos from my time in China.

Although I am no longer a teacher I do still update this website to help others who teach or are learning English.




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